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Arbutus Records

<h1>Arbutus Records</h1>

Arbutus Records

Arbutus started as a personal project, born out of the warehouse art space “Lab Synthese” I co-founded in Montreal in 2007. While living there, I’d record my friends – the same people who were also playing the parties we hosted. Work was obsessive and demanding but, with the help of our friends, Arbutus grew beyond those walls.

As a label and management company we continue to work with many of the same artists with whom we shared our genesis. This is because we believe in the artists that we sign, and are committed to working on their careers long term. This commitment is unwavering, regardless of an artist’s current popularity, wherever they may be in their path of development.

We understand that, while the release of records is a creative and collaborative process, the art is that of the artist’s and we will always work in service of that – ensuring that the artist’s vision and desires are communicated to the fullest extent possible.

We treat those that we work with as family. We believe that all people should be treated equally and that everyone should have access to the experience of good music, whether it’s in the form of creation or appreciation.

We remember that definitions are fluid, as we work with a wide spectrum of artists across many genres, allowing space to innovate and continually recalibrate across a variety of projects. We are also involved with online radio and the Sounds Of Beaubien Ouest SOBO imprint, both collaborative projects.

Arbutus Records, Inc

7119 St-Hubert, Montreal QC, H2S2N1 Canada

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