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About Us

LocalMusic.Club is a virtual club that offers an interactive on-line experience of our local music scene. Our mission is to create an innovative and participatory web site that showcases the musicians of our city.

Montreal – the first step of the larger project at sight – is renowned for its rich music scene, yet this can be only accessed through a fragmented universe on the internet. Our engaging project changes that, as it becomes the definitive source of musical exploration of our city. Through our interactive map, we simplify your search for live events thus offering more visibility to venues and musicians.

LocalMusic.Club features hundreds of individual musicians’ and bands’ profiles. Through API’s we bring the initial data under one roof, along with next-generation discussion boards – to create a community site for our local music scene. Each musician is able to tailor their profile and offer their content to a universal audience. All together, this site offers a kaleidoscope of personal and musical narratives, inviting users and participants to learn and participate in the city’s musical culture.

Musicians can upload their own videos and music, share their events and ideas with an ever-growing community of musicians. Fans come to our club from around the world to follow musicians, bands, to research, and learn. Visitors can find musicians by name, genre, instrument, influence and online connections, in a bilingual environment that stays true to Montreal.

We are committed to spread the music of Montreal, to promote live events and to create an online community club, which is a treasure trove of local talent that will engage, educate and inspire a new generation of listeners and performers. LocalMusic.Club is a vibrant place filled with surprises that will continuously offer new reasons to return and participate in the community.

Who are we?

Artesian Films

Established in 1989, ARTESIAN FILMS has been creating award-winning independent films under the creative vision of Tamás Wormser that have been shown around the world. Recently, we completed Hand to Hand, a film commissioned by the Cultural Olympiad of the Vancouver Winter Games to be viewed by a vast public, and two multi multiplatform documentary projects, La Vie de Chateau on Canada’s famous land mark the Chateau Frontenac, and The Wandering Muse on Jewish music from around the globe.

Melanie Turner, Marketing Consultant

Melanie Turner has over 10 years of experience in marketing for Music and Arts Festivals including POP Montreal, MRCY Festival, RIDM and more.

Explore the world of Montreal music! Welcome to the Local Music Club website!

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